Afterglow Festival

Quinn Cox

September 3rd, 2019  |  Published in Artists

Faced with a late-breaking cancellation by a scheduled artist, and already single-handedly juggling every other aspect of producing a performance festival, impresario Quinn Coxhas only a few days to write his first ever solo play, learn some simple songs he can block out on the piano, and hope some overall themes and dramatic arcs will emerge in the process. Part panic attack, part trooperism, part self-flagellation, and part transcendence of artistic delusion, Cox deconstructs the undertaking of making a one-man show, without the luxury of reflection, second guessing or a single a moment to lose. Buoyed only by a bottle of organic red wine, he must lay bare his thoughts, feelings, talents, and all other expressions of imperfection in upholding the traditional notion that the show must go on. After which time, there may be no going back. With special guest Stella Starsky (American Baroness). 

“A funny little nugget”—Chelsea Handler

“He has a bouncy way of delivering an irreverent quip followed by something intensely serious, lest you think he’s all fluff and no substance”—The Scotsman Magazine