Afterglow Festival


In-person and Sparkler ticket purchases are made at the Crown & Anchor Box Office  247 Commercial Street, Provincetown, Cape Cod

Single Tickets are $30

GLIMMER Passes to any 2 of 3 shows per night for $54

Tuesday Glimmer Pass:   Chris Tanner / John Early  / Erin Markey
Wednesday Glimmer Pass  Carol Lipnik /  Larry Krone / Martha Graham Cracker
Thursday Glimmer Pass:   Rachelle Garniez / Dane Terry / Brian King
Friday Glimmer Pass:   Matt Ray / Molly Pope / Morgan Bassichis
Sunday Glimmer Pass:  Nora Burns / Fauxnique / Bridget Barkan

GLOW Pass to All 17 shows/events for $420

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Opening Benefit Party + “Townie” Night Performance

photo credit: Ric Ide

Starsky + Cox  • Hook The Stars
Opening Night Variety Show of Festival Stars
Monday, September 14, 2015 – 9 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

A fresh display of dazzling performances by Afterglow’s stellar stable of festival stars, hosted by your intuitively pimped-out impresarios for the evening, Stella Starsky + Quinn Cox. Peppered with wanton wit and wisdom, this super spectacular features the fabulous Erin Markey, John Early, Martha Graham Cracker, Dane Terry, Carol Lipnik, Chris Tanner, Rachelle Garniez, Larry Krone, Brian King, and gangster musical director Matt Ray (who has his own show this year!) with special guest, direct from Manchester England, England, Debs Gatenby. The show follows our opening night party at the Harbor Lounge, catered by 141 Bradford Natural Market.

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“Brilliant and sexy”—Vogue
“Psychics to the Stars”—Vanity Fair
“A word-of-mouth phenomenon, a rare find”—Time

“Wonderfully dirty”—O, The Oprah Magazine
“Serious metaphysicians who also happen to be quite funny“—Boston Globe


photo credit: Ves Pitts

Chris Tanner • Footballhead
Tuesday, September 15, 2015 – 5 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

This solo exposé of the sexual awakening of a nerdy art queen stars downtown New York icon Chris Tanner as he stands alone, baring all. Tanner leads us on a psychedelic trip through the shimmering rabbit hole of his memory, weaving True! and Wacky! stories of eccentric relatives and friends, gleefully dancing with shame, rage and guilt to the tunes of early 70’s AM radio. Accompanied by composer Lance Cruce on the 88’s, Tanner spins sundry tales of humiliation into a glittering web of delirium and ecstasy.

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“Tanner is a force to be reckoned with. Belting out songs, telling Death to go to hell.” —Karen D’Onofrio,

“It’s like a therapy session, if Freud had a bedazzler… Football Head made me laugh, cringe, and sometimes want to cry.” —

“Tanner’s writing and performance combine to establish a beautifully nuanced type of drag throughout the production.” – Huffington Post

 “Tanner has a beautiful voice and an extremely compelling stage presence. Why he’s not in a Broadway play is a question I always ask myself.” – Edward Rubin, Berkshire Fine Arts

photo credit: Jesse Untract-Oakner

John Early • Literally Me
Tuesday, September 15, 2015 – 7 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Help industry darling John Early pick his head shots, Live!, in Literally Me, a searingly intimate evening of stand up, music, and body rolls. “Though perhaps best known for his turn as Jenna Maroney’s biting (and hilarious) child on “30 Rock”, he is a one-man variety act,” says Time Out New York. Accompanied by festival musical director Matt Ray.

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“Endearingly honest and absurdly funny”—The New York Times

“A cross between Dennis the Menace and Christopher Guest”—PAPER

“He is cute and young and blond”—Huffington Post

photo credit: Amos Mac

Erin Markey • Deleted Scenes From Fun Home
Tuesday, September 15, 2015 – 9 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Every day after Fun Home rehearsal at New York City’s Public Theater, Erin Markey snuck into the show’s studio using her long beautiful hair to disguise herself as not-a-lesbian. She gathered the pages from the script–written primarily in invisible ink–that were carelessly tossed to the sprung floor, rejected from the final edit of the musical.  Upon reading them, she discovered that the show’s creators initially intended to include scenes spookily familiar to Erin–thinly veiled and hilariously creative interpretations of Erin’s own childhood struggles including humiliatingly x-rated stand-up routines performed by Erin’s Aunt Jan.  They were so compelling, Erin thought it must be a mistake on Lisa Kron’s part. Raised in a capitalist family, Erin knew to take advantage of Kron’s missteps and assembled the scenes into their own never before seen eighty minute evening at the Afterglow Festival. Directed by Elena Heyman; with musical director Matt Ray.

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“Fantastically weird, fiercely committed, occasionally terrifying”—Time Out New York

“She defies expectations you don’t even know you have.”—Elisabeth Vincentelli, New York Post

“Erin Markey has laser-beam eyes, a hair-raising singing voice, and an intense, almost predatory sexuality. Markey’s uncanny self-possession goes hand in hand with perverse, non-sequitur humor that keeps her audience laughing.”—The New Yorker

photo credit: Albie Mitchell

Carol Lipnik •  The Séance
Wednesday, September 16, 2015 – 5 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Coney Island Native Carol Lipnik will conduct a séance and summon the spirit world with her stunningly versatile four-octave voice and expressive, impeccably crafted enigmatic art songs. Come for all the strange fun and seriously be prepared to lift off to another world. B.Y.O.H (bring your own hallucinogens). With the sublime Matt Kanelos on piano.

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“Earth-mother nightingale Carol Lipnik is a mesmerizing find. She has an ethereal soprano and a hippie air; she writes fantastical tunes, full of mythic imagery, that carry the listener to worlds unknown. At last, her moment has come.”— James Gavin (biographer of Peggy Lee, Lena Horne, and Chet Baker)

“Carol Lipnik might not just be the best singer in New York – she might be the best singer anywhere”—New York Music Daily

“I can probably count on five fingers or less those who have redefined music in recent memory. How Carol Lipnik is able to transcend each prior album and create new genres is testament to her virtuosity not only as composer, but performer as well—George Maida, The Electric Croude, NPR

“Carol Lipnik is that rare bird, the complete artist, with the soaring voice of a Dawn Upshaw, and the probing musical intelligence of Joni MItchell.”—John Kelly


photo credit: Todd Oldham

Larry Krone • Me Loving You
Wednesday, September 16, 2015 – 7 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Krone’s telling—through original songs and spontaneous stage banter—of a life driven by love and heartbreak. With such titles as Tears Tell the Story of Me, Breaks my Heart, and Getting Rid of Today, count on a whole lot of tears-in-your-beers weepers, while others like I’m Always Changing, and The Hospital Where I was Born bring on hopeful, if not wistful, smiles. Krone’s love for TV and film is clear in a song series, inspired by little and big screen titles, that drily synopsize their story lines, Krone sneakily exploiting their most emotional and dramatic moments. The sound and look of the night is decidedly country—Krone accompanies himself on ukelele, joined on some songs by Matt Ray. Throughout, Larry Krone changes in and out of clothes from his eponymous couture country fashion label, inspired by Nudie of Hollywood, Minnie Pearl, and Dolly Parton’s song “Coat of Many Colors”. Gingham, rhinestone and patchwork creations are exaggeratedly designed to thrill as much as the music does. From his patchwork baby bonnet and diaper ensemble to a gold lamé Roy Rogers-style western suit, Krone comes prepared for any song or occasion!

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“An expression of manufactured pop emotion taken seriously.” — The New York Times

“He doesn’t just embrace theater, he gives it a huge bear hug and sloppy wet kiss.”— ArtSlant

“Krone has a knack for making the intimate and personal feel present and teeming with energy—and fun.”— Temporary Art Review    

“Larry [is] bursting with creativity like a faucet you can’t shut off and you don’t wanna shut it off cuz the water has fucking gold sequins coming out of it. ” — Kathleen Hanna

photo credit: Amy Hardrandft

Martha Graham Cracker • Lashed But Not Leashed
Wednesday, September 16, 2015 – 9 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Balls-to-the-wall drag cabaret: Hailing from that City of Brotherly Love, and a regular at Joe’s Pub in New York City, Martha Graham Cracker is the tallest, hairiest drag queen in the world. She wants to sing for you and press her soul to yours. She is already in love with you, she just hasn’t told you. Yet. Hailed as “The Drag Queen King” by the Philadelphia Inquirer, Martha Graham Cracker performs new arrangements and mashups of songs by artists from Motley Crue to Nina Simone, and a bit of everything in between. With festival musical director Matt Ray.

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“A defiantly unmown lawn of a man…awesome, and confusing.” —Philadelphia Magazine

“Rollicking alt-cabaret shenanigans—Time Out New York (Critic’s Pick)

“Witty, silly, bitchy and soulful… when she sings, you are completely rocked.” —Philadelphia Inquirer

photo credit: Albie Mitchell

Rachelle Garniez • Songs, Streams, NYC Dreams
Thursday, September 17, 2015 – 5 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

A little of this, that and most definitely the other; comedy meets tragedy somewhere between the stars and the gutter. Musician, singer, composer, performer Rachelle Garniez wanders through genres, creating a universe of bittersweet wreckage.  A New York City native who made her way to the stage via the performance art club scene, Rachelle Garniez composed the music for Taylor Mac’s The Lily’s Revenge; served as musical director for the neo-cabaret troupe The Citizen’s Band; written songs for Karen Elson, The Flying Neutrinos and others; and has recorded a slew of cds of original songs as well as a vinyl single produced Jack White.

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“Romantic, rhapsodic and casually hilarious.” —The New York Times 

“A certified free spirit” —The New Yorker

” Diva with a difference “— Billboard Magazine

“Master of surprise” — Entertainment Weekly


photo credit: Marcus Morris

Dane Terry • Anytime Moe
Thursday, September 17, 2015 – 7 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Based on his experiences during his short tenure in the private security field, Terry tells the story of Anytime Moe, a strange nocturnal clown discovered in a routine image-harvest from an ATM security camera. John Cameron Mitchell, creator of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, says: “Dane Terry is the millennial Cole Porter. He’s got the hooks of Elton John, the jokes of Tom Waits and the heart of Leonard Cohen.”

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Dane Terry’s performance of his song “Kids” was a revealing moment that seemed to come to an end far too soon”— NEXT 

The songs he plays are such a perfect blend of talent, technique and character that you stop thinking about how great of a player he is… These are honest songs, that show off only when the story within them calls for such an event.”

photo credit: Will Janowitz

Brian King • Lullabies For Heretics
Thursday, September 17, 2015 – 9 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

A gay man’s musical search for spirituality that doesn’t ef him over. From mixing spells and potions in his backyard to the time Jesus stole his boyfriend, singer-songwriter-performer Brian King has been a fumbling spiritual nomad since birth. Beginning with a botched First Communion to adventures in witchcraft, buddhism, shamanism, and sex magic, Brian has continually been searching for a belief system that affirms his own soul without all the shame and restrictions. With his neo-cabaret band, What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?, King recounts the surprising, hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking results with original songs, and fresh takes on Leonard Cohen, Tori Amos, Madonna, Kate Bush, Depeche Mode, and more. The show also features the musical short film “The Ladies’ Tree” about Joan of Arc by award-winning animator, Ruth Lingford.

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“Time has come for Mr. Fox”— Boston Herald

“Catch him as his star rises” —Adam Feldman, Time Out New York (Critic’s Pick)

“A triumph of mood and style, an unforgettable musical, theatrical and emotional experience.”—Edge

photo credit: Beau Alluli

Matt Ray • Welcome To Your Living Room
Friday, September 18, 2015 – 5 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

An eclectic mixture of folk, jazz, and originals, this show makes you feel as if you’ve been invited into your own living room to experience unparalleled musicianship. Cozy up as Matt Ray mines material from the American songbook, draws from his three albums, and introduces brand new songs. One part jazz crooner, one part plain-spoken folk storyteller, Matt reminds us of what music can and should be: real, dynamic, soulful, and honest. This will be an evening to remember!

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“Classic, well-oiled swing.” —The New York Times

“Talented”— Billboard

“A pianist whose plaintive playing is to cry for.”— Ebony

“Wonderful — so instinctive.”—Across the Arts UK

“Mesmerizing…the audience could not get enough of Matt Ray”— Jamaica Gleaner

photo credit: Alison Michael Orenstein

Molly Pope • Polly The Mope
Friday, September 18, 2015 – 7 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Being depressed may be the only thing that makes her happy.  Polly the Mope is Molly Pope’s darkly funny, self aware examination of her own titanic psychological struggles, both real and imagined.  The chanteuse whom The New York Times called “One of downtown cabaret’s most adventurous performers” mines the unexpected joys of barely being in touch with reality through music spanning from Mozart to the Top 40.  Born from a suburban longing to be anything but normal, Polly the Mope is who she wound up being and there’s nothing to do but sing about it.

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“One of downtown cabaret’s most adventurous performers.” – The New York Times

“Viscerally thrilling alto.”—Time Out New York

“Powerhouse vocals and sassy wit.” –

photo credit: Alison Michael Orenstein

Morgan Bassichis • When The Baba Yaga Eats You Alive
Friday, September 18, 2015 – 10 PM
The Cabaret at the Crown & Anchor

Writer/performer Morgan Bassichis’s twisted comedic solo show is about getting lost in the Polish forest. Weaving together mystical Slavic folktales with the performer’s own confused “homecoming” to Poland, we meet a cast of backstabbing beauty queens, fun-loving holocaust tourists, and stoner goats just trying to find their way out. When the Baba Yaga Eats You Alive is an unruly exploration of grief, history, and dinnertime.

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“Morgan’s epic storytelling is hilarious, twisted and haunting.” —writer/performer Jibz Cameron aka Dynasty Handbag

photo credit: Michael Sharkey

Michael Cavadias • The 802 Project
Saturday, September 13, 2014 – 10 PM
The Cabaret at the Crown & Anchor

A collection of stories, fairy tales, songs, and advice on how to get up in the morning when you’re having a panic attack, as interpreted by various entities, both real and imagined. Accompanied by the very real Sam Kogon.

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“Michael is a transformative performer” —Amy Poehler

“an eerie comic resonance”—New York Post

“the thought of any lecture by this nut drives me insane!”—Lady Bunny

photo credit: Rebecca Black

Nora Burns • David’s Friend
Sunday, September 20, 2015 – 5 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Who’s your best friend? Who’s name do you say when someone asks, “Who’s your best friend?” Some people have one, some don’t. In the summer of 1979, I met my best friend, his name was David. We were 17.

This is sort of our story, but it’s also a story of the 80’s, crazy love, New York City, oh and AIDS, but not really. It’s a look back at a wonderfully reckless time in a restless city It’s also a detective story of sorts, with music and memories, which sounds terribly serious but really this is a comedy and has funny stories, like all true tragedies. There are also nifty visuals, great music and sound bites from cool people. I’m excited to spend the evening with disco, decadence, debauchery, David and you, novices and nostalgics alike. With direction by Adrienne Truscott and technical and story advising by Tom Eubanks.

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“Smart and hilarious”—Trey Speegle, The WOW Report

“Burns is a scream” —Michael Musto

“If edgy humor is what you want, look no further” —Bay Windows

photo credit: José Guzman Colón

Fauxnique • The F Word
Sunday, September 20, 2015 – 7 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

The F Word is FEMINISM! No longer unmentionable, now on everyone’s lips – let’s hear it from the painted mouth of a lady drag queen. A frank fabulist whose Fosse-lized focus and forceful frame forge fanciful factual fictions, Fauxnique’s fashionably fierce form of feminism is filled with f-ing fantastic feats of hi-femme frippery.  See why she broke through the glass ceiling of the male-dominated world of drag to become a queen among queens.

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“…her revelatory and inspirational show Faux Real deploys Trannyshack-schooled drag, pro athlete caliber dance, and first-person dialogue to mine diamond truths about the relationship between women and gay men. It’s on a par with the 1990 film version of Sandra Bernhard’s Without You I’m Nothing.”
— San Francisco Bay Guardian

“artfully grapples with glamour, artifice, ballet…” —Time Out London

“amazingly skillful performance” –  San Francisco Chronicle

“campy, intellectual juxtaposition of pop culture and high art’ – San Francisco Magazine

photo credit: Steven Menendez

Bridget Barkan • Songs For Recovery
Sunday, September 15, 2015 – 9 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Bridget Barkan has been on the road to recovery from love, sex and codependency addiction. In this show she will air her dirty laundry, sharing tales of monsters in her bedroom, the Search for the Goddess in her mind, the rise and fall of her life as a child actress, and the strangers she has met along the way. Through her personal struggles of heartbreak, loss of power, and descent into insanity, she finds real connection to the community. It’s a roller coaster ride of original and cover songs, spoken word and unapologetic truth.

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“Bridget is a creative library. I can throw any idea at her, and she runs with it. It’s a flexibility of the creative mind that makes her potential limitless. If she was just a singer I would say she’s a virtuoso, but it also has to do with her performance and acting background that allows her to inhabit so much versatility in voice and delivery.” —Del Marquis

“Beyond being a formidable and multi-faceted talent, Bridget has an unending emotional generosity. Invest a little time in her, and she will give you everything – heart, mind, and soul.” —Ana Matronic