Afterglow Festival


In-person and Sparkler ticket purchases are made at the Crown & Anchor Box Office  247 Commercial Street, Provincetown, Cape Cod

Single Tickets are $30

GLIMMER Passes to 2 shows for $54

Tuesday Glimmer Pass:   Max Steele  / Erin Markey
Wednesday Glimmer Pass:   Brian King /  Sage Francis
Thursday Glimmer Pass:   Colin Self / Our Lady J
Friday Glimmer Pass:   Fauxnique / Bitch
Sunday Glimmer Pass:  Jill Pangallo / Amber Martin + Nath Ann Carrera

GLOW Pass to All 17 shows/events for $360

GLAMOUR Pass to All 17 shows and festival events including our celebrated
Opening Night Party at the Harbor Lounge plus our Variety Show of Festival Stars, all for $500

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Opening Benefit Party + “Townie” Night Performance

photo credit: Ric Ide

Quinn Cox • Groovy People
Opening Night Variety Show of Festival Stars
Monday, September 8, 2014 – 9 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

A transplendent evening of powerhouse performances by Afterglow’s terrific roster of festival talent compère’d by the master of metaphysical merriment, Quinn Cox. Sharing Ed Sullivan’s birthday, Cox proves astrology’s real with his own big, warm and stiff impressario stylings. The cosmic joke will be on anyone who misses this dazzling glimpse into what Afterglow 2014 has in store. Starring Our Lady J, Amber Martin, Nath Ann Carrera, Fauxnique, James Lecesne, Brian King, Erin Markey, Jill Pangallo, Max Steele, Colin Self, Stella Starsky, Patrick Johnson, The Glowettes, musical director Matt Ray,  and surprise reveal-ations. “Townie” Tickets available in person only at the Crown & Anchor box office. Reserved seating for those also attending the Opening Benefit Party at Harbor Lounge. For more information on the full Benefit evening click here. Not a “Townie” and just want to attend the performance? Click here to buy tickets to the performance only.

“He has a bouncy way of delivering an irreverent quip followed by something intensely serious, lest you think he’s all fluff and no substance”—The Scotsman

“A funny little nugget”—Chelsea Handler, “Chelsea Lately”

photo credit: Ric Ide

Stella Starsky  • Birth of the American Baroness
Tuesday, September 9, 2014 – 5 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Stella Starsky sparkles in her side-splitting solo play that explores the mundane and mystical implications of modern womandom free of motherhood, by choice or cast of the die. From her humble beginnings as a tweenage donut-maker in smalltown Massachusetts, through a me-generational gambut of discoballs, body dysmorphia, designer dreams, and debatable dates with destiny, Starsky illumines our universal quest for value and validation alighting on some divinely human and hilarious realizations along the pro-creative path toward planetary parenthood. Musical director Matt Ray. Proceeds from this show benefit Provincetown’s Helping Our Women (HOW).

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Serves up quick wit combined with a sexy straightforwardness”—Harper’s Bazaar

“Vivacious and engaging…you can almost see the stars twinkling about her”—The Scotsman

“One of those slightly severe-looking high-cheekboned women who make glasses sexy”—San Francisco Chronicle

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Max Steele • Mapplethorpe
Tuesday, September 9, 2014 – 7 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Mapplethorpe is an experimental cabaret noir about the titular character, a singer too ambitious for the real world. In his eponymous debut, Mapplethorpe introduces his story, ambition, style and desires. He’s out to save the world and he’s not scared of taking risks. Whether or not you know it, your imagination is being held against its will, and Mapplethorpe is here, just in the nick of time, to pay your ransom.

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“Max Steele is a truly protean NYC queer artist “—Out There Magazine

“His effortless charm, obvious intelligence and humor make him refreshingly approachable”—Gayletter

photo credit: Amos Mac

Erin Markey • Let’s Get Precious
Tuesday, September 9, 2014 – 9 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Known for her absurdist humor and “magnetic diva agression”(The New York Times) Markey creates an at once riotous and unexpectedly moving performance about figuring out who you might be. Developed with Kenny Mellman (The Julie Ruin, Kiki & Herb, Our Hit Parade), original music and pop covers score the frailties of midwestern family life and salvation through strippers, leotards, hurricanes and psoriasis. Musical director Matt Ray.

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“Fantastically weird, fiercely committed, occasionally terrifying”—Time Out New York

“Erin Markey Erin Markey has laser-beam eyes, a hair-raising singing voice, and an intense, almost predatory sexuality.  Markey’s uncanny self-possession goes hand in hand with perverse, non-sequitur humor that keeps her audience laughing, if unsettled.”—The New Yorker

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J. Stephen Brantley • Chicken-Fried Ciccone
A Twangy True Tale of Transformation
Wednesday, September 10, 2014 – 5 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Armed with an acoustic guitar, New York actor-playwright J.Stephen Brantley reveals how he got from junkie to functional with a little help from the queen of reinvention. Chicken-Fried Ciccone is one man’s journey to heroin and back, set to countrified covers of new and classic Madge. Obie-winner David Drake (The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me) directs this funny and poignant story about recovery and reconnection. Proceeds from this show benefit the Aids Support Group of Cape Cod (ASGCC).

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“More than just an inspired karaoke act, Chicken-Fried Ciccone is a free-flowing cowboy cabaret, and Brantley exudes a warm stage presence in a handful of spontaneous moments that wouldn’t be found in a more structured theater piece. —The Huffington Post

“Though the style is casual, intimate–even sly in places–the ideas and values are strongly felt and pack a serious punch. Chicken-Fried Ciccone traces a very satisfying arc of transformation, and if anything I wanted it to be longer.”—NY Theatre Now


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Brian King • Gravitational Fool
Wednesday, September 10, 2014 – 7 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

How often do we playThe Fool? Throughout history society has often relegated the queer to the role of the clown, from sad Pierrot to the sissy, the funny fop to the lonely dandy. Backed by his neo-cabaret band, What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?, singer-songwriter, 3rian King performs an internal/external wrestling match onstage with these characters. Through make-up, costume, monologues and original music, 3rian examines the ways these archetypes both empower and limit our identities and relationships. From soul-searing ballads to hilarious songs about “sex with the ex,” “Gravitational Fool” will cure you of your clown phobia.

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“Catch him as his star rises” – Adam Feldman,  Time Out New York

“A triumph of mood and style, an unforgettable musical, theatrical and emotional experience”—Edge

“Time has come for Mr. Fox “—Boston Herald

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Sage Francis • Lyrical Miracles with Spiritual Syllables
Wednesday, September 10, 2014 – 9 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

A one-man emotional roller coaster fueled by hiphop, poetry, comedy, social commentary and random spurts of confrontational banter.

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“Sage Francis is the future of hip-hop.”—L.A. Citybeat  

“one of the best writers in hip-hop today.”; “Sage progressively pays homage to the past while simulateneously mapping a legacy of his own and dropping some of the year’s most clever metaphors” —

“Sage Francis punches political buttons with a dissenting fury unmatched in hip-hop since Chuck D.”—Kotori Magazine

“Aside from his content, his linguistic playfulness can’t be ignored or overshadowed. Sage puts unsuspecting words and ideas together with a delivery that makes them sound as though they were made for each other.” —Portland Phoenix

“Sage is a true blue enigma. He’s smart, creative, motivated and, most importantly, unique. Rarely does a character like Sage emerge into pop culture. Watch out. This guy will make waves…”— 

“Someone like him is necessary in the hip-hop world. He is free from a lot of the vices that tie many of his colleagues down, with his clear eye always trained on American life, hip-hop and himself.”

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James Lecesne • The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey
Thursday, September 11, 2014 – 5 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

When 14-year-old Leonard Pelkey mysteriously disappears from Neptune, New Jersey, the secrets of the townspeople are slowly brought to light; everyone is forced to examine his or her own individual life, as well as the knit of their fractured community.   Academy-award winning filmmaker (Trevor, 1995) and Drama Desk Award winner for Outstanding One-Man Show (Word of Mouth), James Lecesne’s 2007 novel Absolute Brightness is the basis for this solo show which begins with the discovery of Leonard’s disappearance, and follows the criminal investigation and the subsequent trial that ultimately reveals the shocking truth:Leonard was the bright thread woven through the life of the town. That he made himself a target for local bullies and heedlessly flaunted his status as a “flamer,” doesn’t help the ongoing investigation. Seems as though everyone feels that Leonard might have gone too far expressing his true self.  Did he deserve whatever happened to him?  Or did his friends and family fail to step forward and protect him at a critical moment. Proceeds from this show benefit The Trevor Project.

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“The work gleams with the polish and effortless precision….An exhilarating tribute to the transcendent powers of actorly invention and the ever-curious empathy behind it.”— The New York Times

” The sensitivity and artistry with which Lecesne approaches each…characterization is enchanting.  His is some of the best character work gracing the stage today. He accomplishes character changes with the subtlest movement and very little costumes or props.  His characterizations are notable for their humanity.  They are not caricatures but believable and touching examples of people at their best and their worst. “— Theater Week Magazine

“James Lecesne (pronounced La-scene) is giving the art of the one person show a booster shot with his extraordinary offering Word of Mouth…(He) inhabits these infinitely interesting characters so completely there is not one unfulfilled moment of brilliance while he is on stage— New York Post

“Even in a field crowded with first-rate performers, Lecesne stands out.  Word of Mouth vibrates with humane connections, and it resonates with empathy, an altogether lovely evening.”— Variety

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Colin Self • Songs For The Fool
Thursday, September 11, 2014 – 7 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

A series of musical narratives comprising Colin Self’s forthcoming collaborative opera with Raul De Nieves, “The Fool (Elation V)”.  The songs originate from the ongoing Elation Series, a collection of operettas about transfiguration. “Songs for The Fool” performs an escape from dominant techniques of resistance with colloquial inquisition of the voice.  The piece saunters around the narrative structures of the Major Arcana with solo and choral exploration of extended vocal techniques. Traveling from sparse, melody-driven ballads to heavy instrumental sample-based percussion, “Songs for The Fool” peers into the ambiguity of human condition and presents the individual and collective voice as a tool of potentiality.

“Colin Self is an innovative investigator into the wild unknown. His work heartens back to a time when innovation was paramount and both artists and audiences were fearless.”—Penny Arcade

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Our Lady J • The Gospel Of Dolly
Thursday, September 11, 2014 – 9 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Our Lady J presents an evening of Dolly Parton’s most beloved gospel music. Praised by Ms. Parton herself and accompanied by The Train-To-Kill Gospel Choir, Our Lady J sheds new meaning and light on Dolly’s greatest hits, as well as her lesser known spiritual songs in this celebration of the Queen of Country.!”The Gospel of Dolly” has enjoyed critically acclaimed sold-out runs in New York & Los Angeles, and it will embark upon its world tour. Our Lady J will assembles her Train-To- Kill Gospel Choir by utilizing local singers from among her local friends and fans.

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“I just LOVE listening to Our Lady J sing!” – Dolly Parton

“Transcendent… Agonizingly gorgeous”—The Huffington Post

“Seeing New York icon Our Lady J is like being wrapped in an electric blanket, providing warmth and security, but with the danger of becoming too hot to touch.” —Jake Shears

“Virtuosic! Our Lady J is a big, brassy blond, with an abiding love of gospel… Don’t dismiss Our Lady J as a transgender novelty act! The critics’ favorite bowls the audience over with her gospel stylings and pianistic skills.” —Time Out New York

“Powerful! Our Lady J knows how to rock the house. She will have you singing her praises long after the show is over.”—The Village Voice

“Stunning!” —New York Magazine

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Frank DeCaro • Anything Weird, You Like
Friday, September 12, 2014 – 5 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

From the aluminum-sided wilds of suburbia to the fashion capitals of the world, Frank DeCaro’s sometimes glamorous, always hilarious tale of one man’s search for a life more colorful than the one he’d been dealt growing up a gay Italian-American only child in New Jersey in the 1960s and ‘70s. Based in part on his groundbreaking memoir A Boy Named Phyllis, which Vanity Fair called “hilarious” and the Advocate said “opened the door for David Sedaris,” Anything Weird, You Like blows the shingled roof off a childhood in “Sopranoland,” introduces its audience to a Benetton ad of gay diversity in New Wave-era Chicago, seats them front row – OK, fifth row – at Paris fashion shows, and even takes them a little too close to the stage at a Leigh Bowery “enema” show in London – only to wind up back in the same house in New Jersey, where more than just the wall-to-wall sculptured mauve carpet has changed.

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In his role on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”: “DeCaro’s campy and often catty film reviews are among the funniest things on television.”—The New York Times

His novel A Boy Named Phyllis: “opened the door for David Sedaris”—The Advocate

“Hilarious”—Vanity Fair

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Fauxnique • Faux Real with Fauxnique
Friday, September 12, 2014 – 7 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Drag is ironically often the ultimate boys club…so why would a woman want to be a drag queen?’ In Faux Real, Fauxnique reaches into her drag bag for some answers to this vexing question and pulls out some favorite gems. Part transplanted nightclub act, part meditation on artifice and authenticity, Faux Real revels in the tension between the glamour of performance and the intimacy of its living, breathing moment. Be prepared for high-heel stunts, hero worship, music geekdom, ballerina fantasies, gay prom dates, and the fact that in live theater, well, sometimes people get kicked in the face.

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“Her revelatory and inspirational show Faux Real deploys Trannyshack-schooled drag, pro athlete caliber dance, and first-person dialogue to mine diamond truths about the relationship between women and gay men. It’s on a par with the 1990 film version of Sandra Bernhard’s Without You I’m Nothing”—San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Amazingly skillful performance.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“Campy, intellectual juxtaposition of pop culture and high art”—San Francisco Magazine


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Bitch • BEACH
Friday, September 12, 2014 – 10 PM
The Cabaret at the Crown & Anchor

Bitch, (Bitch and Animal, John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus) is known for her unique brand of electric violin performance art meets bass, ukulele and keytar rock.  Her shows, like her name, are exercises in self-liberation. Her new project, BEACH, features her electric violin and involves an Alligator who triggers dance-y beats.   BEACH makes hopeful, sometimes funny and poetically serious dance-y rock.

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 “If audience response is a gauge, BEACH’s new slate of songs is rocking the house” —Curve Magazine

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Drew Droege • Bright Colors and Bold Patterns
Saturday, September 13, 2014 – 10 PM
The Cabaret at the Crown & Anchor

Josh and Brennan are getting married, but not before Gerry and his friends throw a margarita and coke-soaked bash on the eve of the wedding.  Set in late summer in Palm Springs, CA in a tacky pop-up rental house, Gerry entertains, horrifies, ruins, and reveals.  When these guys get an invitation to a gay wedding requesting that they not wear bright colors or bold patterns to the ceremony, their spirits are ignited with explorations of sexuality, equality, conformity, individuality, and of course, how Queen Latifah fits into all of this. A tour-de-force one man show by the creator of the web-series sensation “Chloe”.

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“Explores with a darkly funny edge his views on stereotypes, relationships and same-sex marriage.  Droege is one of the best-kept secrets in the comedy world”—L.A. Weekly

“Compulsively watchable.”—The Advocate

“Droege’s impeccable comedic timing makes him a flawless scene stealer.”—Frontiers

photo credit: Casey Spooner

Patrick Johnson • Look At Me
Sunday, September 14, 2014 – 5 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

A lonely boy creates a secret world of musical numbers fueled by an obsession with Liza Minelli and a box of purloined costume jewelry. When a bout of crippling stage firght unearths these forgotten memories, Patrick Johnson is forced to explore what it is to crave and shun the spotlight, the comfort of assuming an alter ego, and the masochism of being an entertainer. Through original songs and comic stories, Patty recounts a history of mortifying childhood performances.

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“An absolute delight”—Backstage


“Steals the show”—The Advocate

photo credit: Daniel Kukla

Jill Pangallo • Hope Is Expensive
Sunday, September 14, 2014 – 7 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

With a percolating mix of humor and emotional honesty, Jill Pangallo’s newest solo offering, Hope Is Expensive, is a painfully hilarious exploration of our contemporary American pop-cultural insanity. With an adept mix of live and onscreen performance, Pangallo portrays a series of awkward stalkers, misguided fans, social media addicts and delusional dreamers. At first glance they seem like losers, until you realize that they are brave, complicated and a little bit like you.

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“Pee-in-your-pants funny.” — Time Out

“In considering the social media “celebrity” or just the social networked persona, this lesser-known McLuhan quote better captures the tongue-in-cheek nature of artist Jill Pangallo, whose work interrogates social networked identities and personas: “The stars so big, The Earth is so small, Stay as you are.” — Alicia Eler, (Full Article Here)

“Jill Pangallo unleashes her inner angels and demons in a raucous spectacle of clashing alter-egos, therapeutic psychodrama and cathartic release.” — Michael Duncan, Art In America

Pangallo’s shape-shifting work inhabiting ‘cringe-worthy’ personae has solidified into something honest and vital.” — Cindy Widner, The Austin Chronicle

Pangallo’s work is smart, funny, highly original and kinda creepy.” —

“What makes us who we are? is a formidable question, and humor like Pangallo’s seems to get us closer to an honest response.” — Caitlin Haskell, Art Papers

photo credit: Jill Pangallo

Amber Martin + Nath Ann Carrera • Witch Camp
Sunday, September 14, 2014 – 9 PM
The Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Take a journey to Witch Camp where Amber Martin and Nath Ann Carrera transport you through drop-off, Learning Yurts, the pre-dawn camp favorite, “Morning Horses/Blood Sacrifice,” and beyond, while ridding the room of chode intentions! Grab your baggie full of hair and your black latex glove and gather around the fireside for a battle cry against the patriarchal rape heads in this ongoing inquisition! Featuring songs by Aphrodite’s Child, Black Sabbath, Black Widow, It’s A Beautiful Day, Led Zeppelin and Sandy Denny, Yoko Ono, Pentangle, Pink Floyd, Buffy Sainte-Marie, The Stone Poneys/Linda Ronstadt, and more!

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About Amber Martin:

The pitch-perfect, multi-talented Martin seamlessly floats between multiple costumes, personae and skits, never once leaving the stage, and carrying the calm of a seasoned performer”– The New York Times

“Her fullness of voice and spot-on characterizations put the show in another dimension. Martin is a powerful woman whose heightened sense of the ridiculous goes head to head with her distinctly American voice.”
– The New Yorker

About Nath Ann Carrera:

“Wonderful…essayistic tone in form songs about female revenge and politics” —The Paris Review

“Heavenlyy” —The New York Times
Glitter Saint” —The Village Voice
“Gender-Defiant”—Time Out New York