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Wednesday Glimmer Pass:   Joseph Keckler, Lady Rizo $54
Thursday Glimmer Pass:   Molly Pope & Max Steele, Erin Markey $54
Friday Glimmer Pass:   Amber Martin, Nath Ann Carrera $54
Sunday Glimmer Pass:   Lance Horne, Mattachine $54

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Opening Benefit Party + Townie Night Performance

photo credit: Ric Ide

Starsky + Cox • Turn It Out
The 3rd Annual Afterglow Festival Opening Night Variety Show
Monday, September 9, 2013 – 9 PM
the Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Cosmic comics Stella Starsky + Quinn Cox rip back the veil to reveal some universal truthiness and provide a privileged peek into what the stars of this year’s Afterglow Festival have in store. Taking names and dropping them like their hot will be the divine order of the evening. Everything you know is wrong; and S + C set the Akashic record straight. Starring Justin Vivian Bond, Dan Fishback, Lady Rizo, Joseph Keckler, Amber Martin, Jill Pangallo, Erin Markey, Chris Tyler, Becky Eklund, Santiago Venegas, Greg Potter & Enid Ellen, Paul Dawson, PJ DeBoy, musical director Matt Ray and revelatory surprises. Townie tickets available in person only at the Crown & Anchor box office. Reserved seating for those also attending the Opening Benefit Party at Harbor Lounge. For more information on the full Benefit evening click here. Not a Townie and just want to attend the performance? Click here to buy tickets to the performance only.

“Brilliant and sexy”—Vogue       “Psychics to the Stars”—Vanity Fair
“A word-of-mouth phenomenon, a rare find”—Time
Starsky + Cox will inspire a whole new generation.”—The New York Oberserver
“Wonderfully dirty”—O, The Oprah Magazine
“The favored astrologers of fashion insiders”—Elle
“Starsky + Cox’s popularity with the hipperati has made them household names.”—Marie Claire

photo credit: Allison Michael Orenstein

Dan Fishback  • Dan Fishback’s Socialist Queer Utopia Family Circus
Tuesday, September 1o, 2013 – 7 PM
the Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Songwriter and performance artist Dan Fishback ringleads a team of scrappy emerging queer performers in a bratty DIY roadshow of songs, stories, complaints, screeds, manifestos and failures. Featuring deadpan stand-up comedian Becky Eklund, computer virus/drag disaster Chris Tyler and politcial cabaret songbird Santiago Venegas. Dan Fishback’s Socialist Queer Utopia Family Circus will make you want to start an anti-capitalist non-biological outlaw family of your own.

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“Dan Fishback seems so much like a nerdy close friend that audience members have to restrain themselves from responding.”—The New Yorker

“Fishback has a Kushnerian sense for the complexities of historical memory.”—The Village Voice

“The Dan Fishback experience is sort of like the Beyonce experience. Except, with Dan, neuroses replace the wigs, glitz and glamour.”—Gayletter

photo credit: Brett Lindell

Mx Justin Vivian Bond • Meow-Zing! My Life as a Jazz Kitten
Tuesday, September 10, 2013 – 9 PM
the Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

With v’s inimitable sandpaper tongue Mx Bond purrs, scratches and sprays in this jazz-inspired rumination on the power of instinct and how to land on all four feet after a real hard fall—even without opposable thumbs! Have you been spayed or neutered? With Matt Ray.

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“Greatest cabaret artist of [v's] generation”—The New Yorker

“Bond’s voice is raw, piercing and full of purpose”—Time Out New York

“Hilarious, heart-wrenching, vulnerable, sardonic, Wiccan and world-weary”—OUT Magazine

photo credit: Adam Gardiner

Joseph Keckler • A Voice and Nothing More
Wednesday, September 11, 2013 – 7 PM
the Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Beckoning the audience into a labyrinth of memories and visions, acclaimed singer and performing artist Joseph Keckler brings the banal to an operatic intensity through a distinctive blend of narratives, media and music. In A Voice and Nothing More he unveils brand new pop songs, old stories and contemporary absurdist arias.

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“Charismatic, with a smoky, resonant baritone. He can get laughs from an audience merely by laughing“—The New York Times


“A performer who can actually sing, in a thrillingly deep, bass baritone multi-octave voice that occasionally veers into a soulful falsetto”—Interview 

“Extraordinary range, richness and malleability, from low baritone to glass-shattering falsetto.—The Irish Times

“Tantalizing…dynamic… with magnetism and poise so high that he seems to have been born onstage”—The Village Voice

“The consummate interdisciplinary performance artist.”— Bomb
An arresting display of vocal control and disarming wit—a tour de force of deconstruction.”—Baltimore City Paper

photo credit: Kim Nicholais

Lady Rizo • Wash Ashore
Wednesday, September 11, 2013 – 9 PM
the Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

The cabaret superstar and winner of the 2012 Edinburgh TOAST Award returns for a third time to the Afterglow Festival. Combining vintage arrangements and theatrical explorations of pop tunes with her anthemic original songs, Lady Rizo reinvents the genre. Revel in her luscious Grammy-winning vocals as she emanates glamour, wit and insane charm. This brazen blond with have you rolling with laughter while she “blows your heart and goes down on your mind’—Village Voice. With Matt Ray, Ray Rizzo and Yair Evnine.

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“Sings her songs bewitchingly.”—The New York Times

“When she belts the last note, everything is in place. The hand is daintily raised just so, the immobile coiffed hair frames her face and the monstrous eyelashes consume the eyes… you’d barely know what decade it is.”—New York Post

“A high-class, high-energy belter, who specializes in making old standards sound soulful and contemporary.”
—The Wall Street Journal       

“Winkingly sexy chanteuse… Lusciously retro vocals.”Time Out New York
“The talented Lady Rizo, who combines glamour, wit, and real vocal chops.”— Michael Musto, Village Voice

130730_MaxMolly_646-2 copy (1)
photo credit: Allison Michael Orenstein

Molly Pope and Max Steele • Molly & Max: SalonSalon
Thursday, September 12, 2013 – 7 PM
the Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

A melding of minds between neo-retro cabaret darling Molly Pope and queer punk spiritualist and pop music deliquent Max Steele against the backdrop of that quintessential altar to self-worship, the beauty salon. Through madcap musical numbers, sparkling wit and a touch of soulful truth, they explore the salon as a place to undergo transformation while performing transformation. Seeking to uncover their unner beauty through excessive attention to outer beauty, Molly and Max join hands to give their souls the perfect manicure for your entertainment. With Matt Ray.

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Best of NYC 2012—Village Voice
Top Ten Cabaret of 2012—Time Out New York

“Molly Pope is the next big thing of 1963. From the moment she strides onto the stage, she transports the audience back to the thriving Greenwich Village nightclub scene of yesteryear…viscerally thrilling alto: a rich gusher of sound”—Time Out New York

Max Steele:
“Downtown It Boy “—L Magazine
“Go-go boy of the damned”—

erin markey pic.jpg
photo credit: Ves Pitts

Erin Markey • Uncircumcised and Loving It
Thursday, September 12, 2013 – 9 PM 
the Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

On the heels of her sold-out cabaret debut at Joe’s Pub in New York City, Markey brings what the New York Times calls her “magnetic diva aggression” back to Provincetown with a solo show for Afterglow. Known for her dark, absurdist humor and “hair-raising singing voice,” (The New Yorker) Markey creates a riotous and unexpectedly moving performance about figuring out who you might be. 90′s pop, R&B, Country Western power-ballads, and original music score Erin’s tales of midwestern family life and her salvation by Bible-Belt Christians, birthday presents and Ypsilanti strippers. With Matt Ray.

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“A unique and explosive talent with a trumpet-bright voice, a predator’s smile, no discernible boundaries and an air of real danger…There is nothing, nothing she won’t say.”—Time Out New York

“Notorious within the New York performance art world for darting from hilarious to terrifying, taking audiences to the brink before letting them up for air.”New York Press

“Erin Markey has laser-beam eyes, a hair-raising singing voice, and an intense, almost predatory sexuality.  Markey’s uncanny self-possession goes hand in hand with perverse, non-sequitur humor that keeps her audience laughing, if unsettled.”—The New Yorker

photo credit: Erica Freudenstein

Mike Albo • The Junket
Friday, September 13, 2013 – 5 PM 
the Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Albo’s harrowingly hilarious solo show is about working as a freelance writer for a major New York newspaper (yes—that one), attending a crazy, bloated, ill-fated press junket, then watching as life turns into a parody of a tragedy. It’s a funny, barbed, sharply observed monologue about our consumer culture, the compromised state of modern journalism, and what it takes to survive as a writer in the digital age. Taking us for a twisted ride along the blurred line between news and marketing, The Junket provokes questions about how we get our news and who gives it to us, and asks us all to think about the sacrifices we make, short of insanity, to follow our dreams. Directed by David Schweizer; video design by Larry Shea.

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“the ultimate satirist in the downtown New York social landscape”— The New York Times

“Blessed with a poet’s ear, a novelist’s eye and a speed freak’s tongue“— Paper

” one of the funniest, most refreshing satirists working today. His mind is a catalog of cultural ephemera”— The New York Times

photo credit: Matthu Placek

Amber Martin • Stoned Soul
In Love With Laura Nyro
Friday, September 13, 2012 – 7 PM
the Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

The greatest high-octane vocalist of our generation, Martin belts out a collection of the best songs ever written by Laura Nyro for whose fans this will be a night to remember. And those unaquainted with the famed singer-songwriter? They can ill afford to miss this advanced level of Nyro education and entertainment. Martin performs both the hits and some obscure deep cuts, live, like they’ve never been heard before; and she’ll be joined onstage by festival star Nath Ann Carrera and Brett Every on guitars, Patrick Johnson on percussions and backing vocals, and musical director Matt Ray on the baby grand.

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The pitch-perfect, multi-talented Martin seamlessly floats between multiple costumes, personae and skits, never once leaving the stage, and carrying the calm of a seasoned performer”– The New York Times

“Her fullness of voice and spot-on characterizations put the show in another dimension. Martin is a powerful woman whose heightened sense of the ridiculous goes head to head with her distinctly American voice.”
– The New Yorker

photo credit: Jill Pangallo

Nath Ann Carrera  • I Don’t Want To Throw Rice, I Want To Throw Rocks:
The Early Southern Gothicism of Dolly Parton!
Friday, September 13, 2012 – 10 PM 
the Cabaret at the Crown & Anchor

Nath Ann Carrera performs an epic celebration of early extreme sensationalistic story songs penned by Dolly Parton during the era 1967-1971 and thematically spanning: Class Consious Incest! Teen Delinquent Anti-Authoritarian Murder! Mental Institution Imprisonment! Women’s Lib! Anti-Marriage Retaliation! Sex Work in New Orleans! Bank Robbing Outla Lovers! Withered Hands! Stillborn Suicide! Children Bursting Into Flames While Their Parents Tell Jokes! And BEYOND!

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“Wonderful…essayistic tone in form songs about female revenge and politics” —The Paris Review

“Heavenlyy” —The New York Times
“Glitter Saint” —The Village Voice
“Gender-Defiant” —Time Out New York 


Jill Pangallo  • Unfollow
Saturday, September 14, 2013 – 10 PM
the Cabaret at the Crown & Anchor

With a percolating mix of humor and emotional honesty, Jill Pangallo’s newest solo offering, Unfollow, is a painfully hilarious exploration of our contemporary American pop-cultural insanity. With an adept mix of live and onscreen performance, Pangallo portrays a series of awkward stalkers, misguided fans, social media addicts and delusional dreamers. At first glance they seem like losers, until you realize that they are brave, complicated and a little bit like you.

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“Pee-in-your-pants funny.” —Time Out

“Pangallo’s work is smart funny, highly original and kinda creepy.” —Glasstire

‘Pangallo’s shape-shifting work inhabiting “cringe-worthy” personae has solidified into something honest and vital.’
The Austin Chronicle

Penny Arcade_credit_Jasmine_Hirst
photo credit: Jasmine Hirst

Penny Arcade  • The Girl Who Knew Too Much
Sunday, September 15, 2013 – 5 PM
the Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

The queen of underground performance, Arcade is unwavering in her quest to entertain, challenge and expand herself and audiences as this program of integrated selections from her most acclaimed works proves. The Girl Who Knew Too Much is an improvisational sampler woven from among her ten funny and insightful full-length works, including Bitch!Dyke!Faghag!Whore!, Bad Reputation, LaMiseria, Love, Sex and Sanity, and New York Values, Marking 28 years of take-no-prisoners performance, Arcade is celebrated both for her character and monologue work, drawn from life and oral history, and for her magnetic, high energy performance style and rare ability to articulate ideas still forming in the collective psyche that have yet to emerge or be sanctioned by collective consciousness.

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“Arcade is a wonder to behold; she manages to entertain, absorb and broaden the audience simultaneously. Beg, steal a ticket.” —Newsweek

Penny Arcade combines the anarchy of Lenny Bruce with the pathos of Judy Garland. She is provocative, intellectually stimulating, perceptive and hilariously funny.” —The List, UK

“What raises Arcade to the level of greatness is her insight into the collapsing soul of America.” – Sydney Morning Herald


Lance Horne  • Text/Me
Sunday, September 15, 2013 – 7 PM
the Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Horne takes the stage at his first Afterglow with tales of how he spent his summer vacation performing  Australia, San Francisco, Burning Man, and touring Japan with the Von Trapps. Expect world premieres from his upcoming animated feature Bremen, a surprise guest to sing his number from the “Smash” cutting-room floor, his  “Provincetown” anthem along with hilarious on-theme text messages sent and received from tour and compositions on texts of great writers, from WH Auden to Neil Gaiman, who gave Horne  unpublished poems to set to music.  Highlights from the resulting The Night Before My Wedding and those from Horne and Winter Miller’s musical Amandine are on the set-list. Did we mention surprise guests?

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 “Witty, melodic folk-pop tunes with meat on their bones.”The New York Times

“The rising composer has traveled the world as one of the best hip-nightclub music directors in the biz.”—Time Out New York

‘Lance’s song ‘American’ is a hard-bitten declamation of one American’s beliefs and admissions performed with white-hot-bitter fervor.”—The Huffington Post


Mattachine • Deus Ex Mattachine
Peformance Ex Travaganza cum Dance Party
Sunday, September 15, 2013 – 9 PM to 1 AM
the Paramount at the Crown & Anchor

Creators of Mattachine with John Cameron Mitchell, MCs PJ DeBoy and Paul Dawson (Shortbus) and Amber Martin all join mistress of controlled mayem Angela Di Carlo to bring their semi legendary dance party to Provincetown. Deus Ex Mattachine features a full-length  program of ecstatic performances by this pack of wild imaginatives, with guest appearances by Casey Spooner (Fischerspooner), Adam Dugas, Brett Every and a plethera of festival favorites. The evening then transforms into the old-school  dance party realness that L.A. Weekly calls the “Queerest and Coolest…Ever.” Ticket holders attend the full four-hour happening—those attending the party only may pay a suggested donation at the door from 10:30 PM.

Click here to buy tickets.

“Mattachine is the Queerest, and Coolest, Club ever.”—L.A. Weekly

“Old-School Party Realness.”—Queerty

“Epic dance party.”—Culture Map Houston

“A bit of cosmic magic.”-

“(They) Actually like to play songs all they way through.”— Seattle Stranger


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