Afterglow Festival


The Tenth Annual Afterglow Festival is being tentatively planned for November 2021. In the event that the festival does not take stage at this time:  Sponsorships and Donations will again, as they did in 2020, go to directly Artists we are commissioning to create and develop new works.

DONATE  $100-$1000. I’m wicked psyched to be a Sparkler and I know I can charge up to ten $100 donations/RSVP for ten people here (or I can send a check to the address below). I realize I’m on a VIP list to receive pairs of Half-Price Tickets to all festival shows once Afterglow resumes. Meanwhile my donation will go to artists as commissions to develop new works.

DONATE any amount. I know that every show of support is an act of great generosity and really makes a difference to a non-profit Festival like this.

GLAMOUR PASS  I want one! for $500 to gain full VIP access to all the festival shows, parties and events, once Afterglow resumes.

Again, if you donated $100 or more you’ll be hearing from us so we can put you on the guest lists for events! So hang tough!

Your Reception Donation with names of attendees may also be sent by mail, addressed and with check payable to:
 AFTERGLOW FESTIVAL P.O. Box 129 Provincetown, MA 02657

We also encourage you to send Sponsorships by mail to this address. Should you care to charge a Sponsorship on your credit card, click on one of the Sponsorship Levels below.

Festival Sponsorships:

Missionary Sponsorship (Available to Local Businesses Only) For a tax-deductible pledge of $500 to $1000: Missionaries receive half-price tickets for five plus employees; and invitations to our festival events once Afterglow resumes.

Emissary Sponsorship For a tax-deductible pledge of $1,000 to $2,500: Emissaries receive festival passes; plus two invitations to our festival events  once Afterglow resumes.

Dignitary Sponsorship For a tax-deductible pledge of $2,500 to $5000: Dignitaries receive festival passes plus 4 invitations to our events once Afterglow resumes.

Visionary Sponsorship For a tax-deductible pledge of $5,000 to $10,000: Visionaries receive festival passes plus 6 invitations to our events once Afterglow resumes.

Luminary Sponsorship For a tax-deductible pledge of $10,000 or more: Luminaries festival passes plus 8 invitations to our season’s events once Afterglow resumes