Afterglow Festival



In-person and Sparkler ticket purchases are made at the Art House Box Office  214 Commercial Street, Provincetown, Cape Cod

Single Tickets are $30

GLIMMER Passes to any 2 shows per night for $54

Tuesday Glimmer Pass:   Rachelle Garniez / Max Vernon
Wednesday Glimmer Pass  Rick Berlin / Gene Dante
Thursday Glimmer Pass:   Trevor Bachman / The Bearded Ladies Cabaret
Friday Glimmer Pass:   Fauxnique/ Molly Pope
Saturday Glimmer Pass:   Kareem M. Lucas / Migguel Anggelo

GLOW PASS to All 10 shows for $240 (a 20% discount) 

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photo credit: Albie Mitchell

Rachelle Garniez   I Can Sing A Rainbow
Tuesday, September 10, 2019 – 7 PM
The Art House, Provincetown

Celebrate the rainbow in song and rhyme, from the psychedelic to the sublime, with multi-instrumentalist vocalist Rachelle Garniez. The glorious arc and its bright hues have delighted and inspired songwriters, poets, philosophers and mystics throughout the ages. The simple yet miraculous intersection of sunshine and rain remind us that true beauty and justice shall prevail. Featuring songs by Peggy Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Kermit the Frog, Cream, Cyndi Lauper, Lesley Gore, Al Jolson, and many more. Native New Yorker Rachelle Garniez is known as a Diva with a Difference.


”Romantic, rhapsodic and casually hilarious.”—The New York Times
“A certified free spirit” —The New Yorker
“A master of surprise”—Entertainment Weekly

photo credit: Ric Ide

Quinn Cox    Out Of The Bottle
Tuesday, September 10, 2019 – 9:30 PM
The Art House, Provincetown

Faced with a late-breaking cancellation by a scheduled artist, and already single-handedly juggling every other aspect of producing a performance festival, impresario Quinn Cox has only a few days to write his first ever solo play, learn some simple songs he can block out on the piano, and hope some overall themes and dramatic arcs will emerge in the process. Part panic attack, part trooperism, part self-flagellation, and part transcendence of artistic delusion, Cox deconstructs the undertaking of making a one-man show, without the luxury of reflection, second guessing or a single a moment to lose. Buoyed only by a bottle of organic red wine, he must lay bare his thoughts, feelings, talents, and all other expressions of imperfection in upholding the traditional notion that the show must go on. After which time, there may be no going back. With special guest Stella Starsky (American Baroness).


“A funny little nugget”—Chelsea Handler
“He has a bouncy way of delivering an irreverent quip followed by something intensely serious, lest you think he’s all fluff and no substance”
—The Scotsman Magazine

photo credit: Adam Wells

Rick Berlin    Songs With Subtitles
Wednesday, September 11, 2019 – 7 PM
The Art House, Provincetown

Alternating narrative from his memoir, The Paragraphs, with original song, legendary rocker Rick Berlin leapfrogs one after the other, book and music fitting, however obliquely, hand in a glove. Hilarious, disturbing, blunt and as honest as can be about his life and odd world over the last few decades, Berlin offers up an odyssey of  song enhancing words and vice versa. Created from song fragments, The Paragraphs recalls a life of music, a relationship with the animal world, and a two-day meth-fueled road trip.


Berlin writes unflinchingly and with enormous heart about his family, along with acid trips, body parts, cats, music, sex, love, philosophy, and the vagaries of aging…he’s written more than a thousand songs, many of them image-rich portraits of people and places that have earned him comparisons to Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen.”—The Boston Globe

“uncategorizable…part punk, part musical theater, part sentimental sap, part wordplay master. Gold.”—Amanda Palmer

“Rick Berlin is a giant on the Boston music scene. His colorful songwriting and strong stage presence have influenced countless other artists since the early 1970s”—The Boston Phoenix

“Berlin, a queer legend on the Boston rock scene…was sitting on 35 years of gonzo verbiage: vignettes spewed as lyric drills and diary entries and meditations on being alive.”—The Boston Globe

photo credit: Jenny Bergman

Gene Dante    Occupation: Rock Star
Wednesday, September 11, 2019 – 9:30 PM
The Art House, Provincetown

Performing a selection of songs, sharing stories of his tragicomic journey from chunky outcast reject to silver-fox outlier-starlet, Gene Dante takes us on a transformative journey from high-school rocker to international Rocky Horror Show tour member, from acclaimed New England “Hedwig” of “Angry Inch” fame. to seeing his music video for “A Madness to His Method” on MTV’s LOGO, to finally getting that seemingly unattainable “under 5” role opposite a major Hollywood star on a soon-to-be streaming network show, he conveys the importance of chronicling and celebrating every victory, no matter how small.


“In concert, Gene Dante is the Chiseled White Duke.  Leading his Future Starlets, Dante mixes Bowie’s makeup, Iggy Pop’s shirtless-ness, and Freddie Mercury’s theatrics into a glammy groove.”— Boston Herald

“Dante is an anomaly in Boston’s music scene: an artist who has refused to pigeonhole his talents.  Yes, he’s a singer —and quite a good one, with a laconic croon reminiscent of Bryan Ferry and Lou Reed—who fronts a glam-rock band called Gene Dante & The Future Starlets.  And yes, he’s an actor, but he’s never defined himself strictly as one or the other.”—The Boston Globe

photo credit: Lauren Desberg

Trevor Bachman    Shapeshifters Playlist
Thursday, September 12, 2019 – 7 PM
The Art House, Provincetown

New music and poetry from Trevor Bachman‘s musical “Shapeshifters”, recently performed at Joe’s Pub and The Delacorte Theater. From ancient traditions of metamorphoses to modern-day code switching, to “all the times I have been terrified of my own becoming” to “all the versions of myself I have had to leave behind”, soaring melodies, eclectic beats, and uncompromising lyrics highlight the role of queerness as historical opposition to fascism. A gripping love letter to LGBTQIA+ legacy and community, Shapeshifters is a musical survival guide for uncertain times. With Keiji Ishiguri.


“Musically and vocally rich” —The New York Times

“Golden-voiced”—Vulture,  (New York Magazine)

“The genre of music theatre has met its redeemer and their name is Trevor Bachman”—Not Your Average Downtown Blog

“Soulful Vocals, Flirty Eyes”—TheatreMania

photo credit: Plate Three Photography

John Jarboe & The Bearded Ladies Cabaret   You Can Never Go Down The Drain
A Mx. Rogers Musical Healing Ritual For Adults

Thursday, September 12, 2019 – 9 PM
The Art House, Provincetown

Mr. Rogers always said: no matter how bad things are “you can never go down the drain.”  Using and abusing iconic songs from the program, Philadelphia’s Bearded Ladies Cabaret put this idea to the test. In this performance, expect a goldfish funeral, gay romps into the land of make-believe, and some earnest questions about irony. Starring John Jarboe with Heath Allen.


“Jarboe has made provocation his calling card with an always daringly incendiary brand of queer cabaret whose caginess reaches into everything he does.”—Philadelphia Weekly

“Medley is the name of their complicated, charming, entertaining game: old and new, historical and contemporary, male and female, funny and moving, parody and pointed, if implicit, social commentary.” —The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Quite simply the best party you have never been invited to.”—Talkin’ Broadway

photo credit: RJ Muna

Fauxnique   Impostor Syndrome
Friday, September 13, 2019 – 7 PM
The Art House, Provincetown

Fauxnique fears you’ll find out she’s a fraud —she has Impostor Syndrome. A cisgender woman drag queen (or “faux queen”), Fauxnique employs song, dance, drag lip-synch, personal anecdote and simple stage magic to illumine her insidious psychological state. A state-of-mind, turns out, where many a celebrated lady live and werq! Must we all fake it till we make it? Will we ever (to) be real?  Impostor Syndrome cracks the case and reveals the sweet, creamy center of authenticity within.


‘…her revelatory and inspirational show deploys drag, pro athlete caliber dance, and first-person dialogue to mine diamond truths about the relationship between women and gay men. It’s on a par with the 1990 film version of Sandra Bernhard’s Without You I’m Nothing.’ – San Francisco Bay Guardian

‘artfully grapples with glamour, artifice, ballet…’—Time Out London

‘amazingly skillful performance’—San Francisco Chronicle

‘In all my years of watching performers and singers and musicians, I must say that Fauxnique is truly one of my favorite stylists and masters of the art of performance and quite frankly, I do not remember having so much fun or respect for a performer in quite some time. (And this is coming from someone who usually hates everything!!).”—Lawrence Helman, San Francisco Examiner

photo credit: Austin Ruffer

Molly Pope   Molly Pope, a Gay Man, And a Piano
Friday, September 13, 2019 – 9:30 PM
The Art House, Provincetown

After a lifetime overthinking every second of every day, cabarettist Molly Pope sets out to find the one thing that has always escaped her: a good time.  Armed with the two things absolutely necessary for a good time—a gay man and a piano—she indulges in a set of songs she’s always wanted to tackle, but never found a good excuse to sing until now. Concepts like “fun” and “joy” and “just ’cause” will be on hand as she employs her signature neo-retro style to get herself back to the elemental sweet spot of cabaret. With Drew Wutke.


“One of downtown cabaret’s most adventurous performers”…”Irreverent wit and multigenerational cultural savvy”—The New York Times

“Molly Pope is the next big thing of 1963…she transports the audience back to the thriving Greenwich Village nightclub scene of yesteryear…viscerally thrilling alto: a rich gusher of sound”— Time Out New York

“It would have been enough for Pope to just be a (phenomenal) singer, but by gum, she’s a legitimate actress, too. It’s only a matter of time before Broadway discovers one of its greatest stars.”—Playbill 

photo credit: Stan Demidoff Photography

Kareem M. Lucas   RATED BLACK: Unplugged
I’m Black. I Matter.

Saturday, September 14, 2019 – 7 PM
The Art House, Provincetown

A young Black man from Brooklyn living in “post-racial America” hosts his own Homegoing service as a way for himself to prepare to die and to honor the memory of the unarmed Black Men and Women who have and are still being murdered by the police at a heartbreaking pace. This piece uses humor and heart to remove the mask of the perceived “superpredator” by weaving together original poetry and music to theatricalize and articulate the vulnerability of a young Black man at risk of becoming the next trending hashtag.


“Kareem M. Lucas continues to prove that he’s capable of doing it all: writing, performing, and directing.”—Playbill

“Kareem is the real deal. A poet who can act, a performance artist/comedian with serious story telling chops. There is a vulnerability in his work cut with a clear eyed sense of humor that is original and surprising.”—Mark Russell, The Public Theater

photo credit: Nico Iliev

Migguel Anggelo   LatinXoxo
Saturday, September 14, 2019 – 9:30 PM
The Art House, Provincetown

Love is in the air and Migguel Anggelo is shattering the boundaries of gender in a striptease of “Latin Lover” clichés. In an outrageously queer concert experience, Migguel moves through iconic pop hits, original compositions, and the Spanish boleros of his youth, reminding us that our greatest love is right there in the mirror. With musical direction and arrangements by Jaime Lozano and a new book by J. Julian ChristopherLatinXoxo is conceived by Migguel Anggelo and directed and developed by Srđa VasiljevićAbrazos y besos! Xoxo


“Migguel Anggelo exhilaratingly recalls the showmanship of Desi Arnaz and the performance art of Klaus Nomi”—Theater Scene

“Anggelo is a force to be reckoned with. His energy is so contagious that you can’t help but become engrossed by his intensity, piercing eyes and poetry, and then two seconds later, he has you in stitches with his animated facial expressions and quirky sense of humor.”—Latin Post

“”Mr. Anggelo, the perfect chameleon, transforms himself with costumes, voice, and movement to break the boundaries of gender.” —All About Solo

photo credit: Ric Ide

 Hosted by Stella Starsky + Quinn Cox