Afterglow Festival

Festival Schedule

Monday, September 12
9PM        Starsky + Cox   Us And Them 
                 Variety Show of Afterglow Festival Stars

Tuesday, September 13
7PM        Kim David Smith   Morphium 
                 A Neo-Weimar Kabarett Fantasia
9PM        Molly Pope   Questionable Character

Wednesday, September 14
7PM        Raquel Cion   Me & Mr. Jones
9PM        Brian King & Johnny Blazes  Do You Queer What I Queer?

Thursday, September 15
6PM         Ken Bullock   The John Henry Cornbread Muffin Machine
930PM     Bridget Barkan   Dear Stranger, I Love You

Friday, September 16
4PM         Debs Gatenby   A Place Called Happiness
6PM         Heather Litteer   Lemonade
930PM     Joey Arias   Looking Back At The Future

Saturday, September 17
4PM        Amy Stiller   Just Trust
6PM        M. Lamar   Funeral Doom Spiritual
930          Martha Graham Cracker   Things Are Getting Hairy

Sunday, September 18
7 M            Dane Terry   Bird In The House
9PM          Amber Martin   AM Gold